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New Oaks Planted by the Employees of “Lifosa” in the Millennium Oak Park


This year, AB "Lifosa" decided to make a special celebration of the World Environment Day on the 5th of June. During the unanimous campaign, the staff of "Lifosa" planted 55 oaks near Kėdainiai - in the "Unseen Lithuania" Millennium Oak Park located in Pašiliai. This number of trees is not accidental - it symbolises the 55 years of company's activity.

The company purchased the oak seedlings from the arboretum. On the day of campaign, the employees made sure that were all means necessary to plant the oaks, such as spikes, shovels, water resources.

More than half hundred employees of "Lifosa" joined this beautiful oak planting initiative and were adequately prepared for this campaign. Some of them attached the pre-made commemorative cards to the planted trees.

"It is a truly beautiful and fun campaign", said Eugenijus Vaičiulis, the Manager of Electricity Division of Energy Department. "In general, I love planting trees and these are not just any trees - these are oaks! I hope they will naturalise successfully, grow and we will be have something to show to our children. I placed the sign "Energy Department" in order to be able to find the tree I planted in the future. I will have a chance to arrive and see how green and verdant they have become."

    "Environmental protection is one of our priority areas. We constantly implement the best economically available production methods, apply the most advantageous technologies and make the rational use of resources and, in fact, we managed to achieve impressive results throughout the entire period of our activity. This campaign is an excellent opportunity for a meaningful commemoration of the day that is relevant to the rest of the world and to remember how important it is for everyone to contribute to the preservation of environment", said Jonas Dastikas, the General Director of company.

With such a support of our employees in this campaign dedicated to the commemoration of the World Environment Day, this initiative is highly likely to continue and to become a beautiful tradition of "Lifosa" staff.

It was not the first oak planted by Jonas Dastikas, the General Director of UAB "Lifosa", in the Millennium Park. He was also one of the first participants of oak planting campaigns in this park.

More than half hundred of employees of "Lifosa" planted oaks in the Millennium Park on the World Environment Day.

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