Personnel Policy

Our success is guaranteed by experienced, qualified, motivated and constantly improving employees. We prove respect for them both through constant concern for working conditions and fair pay.

The AB Lifosa team has near 900 employees.

The company pays special attention to employees’ development and specialist training. We regularly train AB Lifosa employees. We use the most experienced members of the company having teaching and training skills to improve the knowledge and qualification of team members.

AB Lifosa does not limit itself to internal education. The company funds employee studies if their direction is in line with the company vision and strategy, and employees are granted additional study leave. Recognizing that personal and professional development is both an important motivation factor and a prerequisite for the success of a company, we consider team development to be one of our top priorities in HR policy.
We encourage employee sociability: the company sponsors sports and leisure clubs for employees, and various events are constantly organized. Every year the company organizes employee team sports games, quizzes and other joint activities.

A lot of attention is paid to the young specialists, not leaving the former factory workers behind.
The company strictly adheres to the equal opportunities policy. Its purpose is to ensure that the company enforces constitutional provisions that enshrine equality and prohibition of human rights discrimination and privileges on the basis of sex, race, nationality, language, origin, social status, religion, beliefs and prohibit any discrimination, in particular when it comes to working relationships within a company.
With the approved Code of Conduct Company's management and employees commit to conducting activities that are only lawful and ethical, in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. The Code emphasizes that the company does not tolerate any form of corrupt business activities and undertakes to strictly comply with all applicable anti-corruption legislation.

In 2017 AB Lifosa approved Conflict of Interest Policy. All employees of the company commit to avoiding any action that could interfere with their obligations or liability to the company. Employees must protect the Company's legitimate interests by properly following their professional, contractual or statutory obligations and by complying with their professional, contractual or statutory responsibilities.

AB Lifosa provides an opportunity to all employees to help ensure transparent, safe and responsible operations of the company. The company has adopted a Whistleblower Policy: every employee can directly inform the company's management about possible violations or inconsistencies that may affect the company's or EuroChem Group‘s operations, reputation, do harm to employees. AB Lifosa provides protection against any harassment of an employee who, in good faith, provided notice or information, initiated the provision of information, or otherwise contributed to inspections and investigation procedures.

Employees can provide information on possible breaches or discrepancies by emailing, reporting anonymously online at or by calling +800 80 80 60 60.

Training is organized once a year for all employees of the company, during which the aim is to update, expand and deepen employees' knowledge about this policy, its application areas and methods in practice.


Average monthly salary, EUR




4 084

4 144


2 857

3 023


2 078

2 155

 In total

2 363

2 446

Company’s organizations

Employee Clubs


The Club of Young Experts

In 2005, an initiative group of young specialists established the Club of Young Experts. The members of this Club are pro-active specialists under 35 who are not afraid of taking challenges. All the specialists of this Club have higher education.

The goals of the Club are to encourage social and professional integration of young specialists and give them an overview of AB Lifosa policy, strategy and working culture requirements.

The Club of young and active people is engaged in public and voluntary activities, improve their skills. Each year, the members of the Young Experts Club organize scientific and technical excursions, cooperate with young specialists from other companies and go for apprenticeship at EuroChem companies in other countries.

The Veteran Club "Lifosietis"

The veteran club "Lifosietis" started its activities in December 2006. The club has more than 130 members. Every AB Lifosa (former Chemical Plant) worker worked in the Company for at least 25 years can become a member of this Club. The Club activities are financed by AB Lifosa.

The Veteran Club activities include meetings, get-togethers, trips, excursions to the theatres and concerts. The former Company's workers annually visit at least five most beautiful places in Lithuania and take part in different cultural events. Furthermore, the excursions to other countries are organized once a year.

The Club "Lifosietis" communicates with other seniors’ clubs in Kėdainiai district. Together they participate in different festivals and organize get-togethers.

The Sport Fishing Club "Lifosa Fishermen"

The Sport Fishing Club of the Kėdainiai district was established in 1996. In 2000, the Club was named "Lifosa Fishermen". The founder of the Club is Povilas Aksomaitis, the signatory of the Act of Independence of Lithuania. The goal of the Club is the sports achievements both in the National and International arenas. The members of "Lifosa Fishermen" Club strive to promote fishing sports as a healthy social and physical activity for people of all ages and professions.

Most of the Club's members are AB Lifosa employees. Each year, the Club members earn the right to participate in the float fishing and ice fishing championships. All members of the Club are engaged in various environmental activities and projects.

The Technical Club of Auto Sports "Auto Fostra"

The technical club of automobile sport "Auto Fostra" was established in 1996 on the initiative of AB Lifosa employee Arvydas Galinis. The members of the Club participated in a great number of competitions and can be proud of their achievements. Between 1996 and 2004, they participated in the Lithuanian and Baltic Countries Autocross Championships. In 1999-2001 and 2003, they won prizes in the Buggy Class.

In 2004, the Club changed its priorities. The racers began to drive OPEL ASTRAs instead of buggy vehicles. The Club competed in the Lithuanian, Baltic Countries and NEZ (North European Zone) Rallycross Championships. In 2005-2009, the racers won gold or silver medals.

In 2010, the Club purchased a new FORD FOCUS (4x4, 3500 cm3; Class DIV-1) and won the fourth place in the NEZ Championship 2010.

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