The main product manufactured at AB Lifosa is nitrogen-phosphorus fertiliser - Diammonium Phosphate. The company also produces water soluble crystal and granulated Monoammonium Phosphate, Aluminium Fluoride, Urea Phoshate (UP), complex mineral fertilisers with microelements NPS +B+Zn, feed materials such as Monocalcium Phoshate (MCP) and Monoammonium Phoshate (MAP), Phosphoric Acid and technical grade Sulphuric Acid. 

From 2000, AB Lifosa uses process heat emitted in the sulphuric acid production process for the heating of the company’s and Kėdainiai city facilities. Owing to special steel tubular heat exchangers, the heat of sulphuric acid is transferred to water to raise its temperature to 90° C and it is supplied to the Kėdainiai boiler house for the heating of residential buildings.

The company manufactures around 3.2 million tonnes of production per year.



Around 93% of the AB Lifosa's production is exported. Most of it is realized in the European, as well as in North and South American, African markets.