Monoammonium Phosphate, MAP solub 12:61



Monoammonium phosphate is a powdery, crystalline, fully soluble in water, concentrated nitrogenphosphorus fertilizer containing no chlorine, sodium, heavy metals or other additives.

Plants fertilized with monoammonium phosphate easily absorb nitrogen and phosphorus needed for growth and development of the plant. Spraying the fertilizer on plant leaves or watering them using capillary watering systems, will ensure a balanced supply of necessary materials to the plant.

Next-gen, efficient, environmentally friendly and top quality Monoammonium phosphate fertilizers are used in agriculture for fertilizing various soils and crops. The use of completely soluble in water fertilizers containing no additives for plant fertilization makes farming more efficient: far less fertilizers, water and manpower are required to nourish the plants and soil.

We started producing the new generation fertilizers in 2017.

Quality indicators of mono-ammonium phosphate, soluble crystalline (MAP)

Indicator name


N:P - 12:61

Mass share of nitrogen (N), %


Mass share of common phosphates, recalculated into P2O5, %


Mass share of water, %, not higher than


Mass share of water-insoluble substances, %, not higher than


Hydrogen ion activity index, pH (1% solution)


Solubility in water, at 20 °C, g/l



Negative values tolerance of nutrients
(absolute value of mass percentage)


Nitrogen (N), %, not higher than


Phosphates (P2O5), %, not higher than


The total declared value of negative deviation, %, not higher than