AB Lifosa‘s young specialists presented their research at the Company's conference

AB Lifosa‘s young specialists presented their research at the Company's conference

AB Lifosa‘s young specialists presented their research at the Company's conference

The works of the company‘s young specialists were presented at the traditional AB Lifosa‘s scientific-technical conference. During the conference, organized for the thirteenth year, AB Lifosa‘s four employees defended their scientific papers. The jury announced Valdas Vainorius, Operator of the Complex Fertilizer Production Plant of the Ammophos Department, as the winner. He will defend his paper "Increasing the Efficiency of Zinc in NP (S) + B + Zn Complex Mineral Fertilizers" during an international conference organized by AB Lifosa‘s shareholder EuroChem.

The research papers are prepared by the company's young specialists with the help of experts having extensive work experience at Lifosa and the chemical industry. According to the organizers, the initiative provides enormous benefits both to AB Lifosa's employees seeking to improve and to the company itself.

"Such projects provide an excellent ground for future leaders to unfold. We are extremely pleased that every year there are so many motivated young employees interested in the future of the company, whose original insights and solutions can later be applied to improve the company's operations and products. We do our best to listen, discuss, and help our colleagues to improve and grow in their professional field" says Rimantas Proscevičius, Technical Director at Lifosa AB and chairman of the commission that evaluated the work of the participants.

Rokas Žilinskas, Complex Fertilizer Production Operator of the Ammophos Department (thesis - "Use of Secondary Raw Materials in DAP Production"), Agnė Medekšaitė, Laboratory Assistant of Chemical Analysis ("Improvement of Absorption System Used in Production") and Lukas Pilipaitis, Monoammonium Phosphate Production Operator of Phosphoric Acid Department ("Improvement of the technological absorption of the 2nd Phosphoric Acid Department") also defended their papers at the conference.

The winner Valdas Vainorius will represent the young Lifosa‘s specialists at an international conference, where the work of the participants is evaluated by the top-level commission of the EuroChem Group leaders. Participants of the event have the opportunity to perform at the Group‘s level, get acquainted with the top managers and employees of other Group‘s companies, gain invaluable experience.

"At the traditional Young Specialists Scientific-Technical Conference, we aim to hear what proposals and ideas our youngest employees have to offer to the company. Full of enthusiasm, youthful maximalism, the conference participants who have just acquired higher education often surprise with their offers and the opportunity to see the company with fresh eyes. Experience shows, that young professionals who once showed great motivation and curiosity today are long-term employees of the company, who have excellent leadership qualities and nurture the company's values and culture" notes Asta Švobienė, HR Manager at AB Lifosa, Curator of the Young Company Specialists Club.

The goal of the Young Specialists' Club operating in the company is to help the newly hired employees to successfully adapt in the company and contribute to their professional development. Membership in the Young Professionals Club lasts for three years. The club involves employees who have recently started working in the company and have a higher university education.