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Social Responsibility

Since 2005, the Company is an active member of associations promoting social responsibility of business. This way was chosen deliberately. We are ready to declare to Lithuania and the world that AB "Lifosa" respects and ensures human rights, treats employees as equal partners, contributes to the environmental protection and does not tolerate corruption.
We care about good business results and steady production as well as social needs of people in our country and region.

AB "Lifosa", as an active member of the Kėdainiai district community, participates in a social life, supports various programmes for the regional development implemented by the Municipality. In cooperation with Kėdainiai Regional Municipality, AB "Lifosa" and its controlling company undertake obligations to renovate production processes, maintain high economical potential, implement environmental programmes, support projects implemented by the regional municipality and its institutions. During the National Responsible Business Awards, the Company was awarded for its active position and close cooperation with the local communities. In 2010, AB "Lifosa" was ranked as "The most Social Company of the Year".

All the Company's activities are in compliance with the requirements of the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and in many cases, especially as concerns the relations with the employees and the community as well as in the environmental protection area, the Company's obligations outweigh the legal requirements. The production efficiency allows us to exceed the minimal requirements and enables us to implement the principles of social responsibility.

Social responsibility forms high requirements to the Company reflecting the society's expectations in respect of the Company's voluntary obligations to:

- Society - through supplying high quality products and providing high quality services as well as unconditionally meeting requirements of tax law, labour law and law on environment protection;

- Personnel - through investments into human resources;

- State and municipality institutions - through implementing social and economic cooperation agreements;

- Local community - through delivering targeted support.

AB "Lifosa" orients towards the long-term perspective that results in new technological solutions and good relations with the employees and community members. We are sure that the implementation of a chosen strategy will grant the possibility to maintain economic growth based on the principles of transparent business, environmental protection and social partnership.

AB "Lifosa" constantly improves its relations with the state institutions and local communities taking into account responsibility to the society. These relations are based on the principles of sustainable development declared by the United Nations Global Compact.

Jonas Dastikas


AB "Lifosa" Report on Social Responsibility Progress