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Occupational Health & Safety

We devote special attention to the

safety and health of our employees

with regular health checks performed, and safety training and exercises organised. Regular monitoring of working conditions is carried out, various factors of the working environment are analysed, and the staff uses only the highest-quality work tools. The company funds its employees' health and life insurance costs.

Occupational safety in Lifosa means much more than instructions, rules and requirements. Concerns about safety are the part of our everyday activities, including regular reminders. For example, every morning, when discussing the work schedule with the team, we emphasize safety above all.



Mission: Development of safe behavior culture.

Motto: A deliberate approach to safe work.

AB LIFOSA, producing fertilizers and chemical products, considers its priority aim the care of the health and safety of workers.

In order to continuously improve the safety and health of the workers, the company's management undertakes:

  1. Improve employee safety and health management system.
  2. Ensure the implementation of legal requirements.
  3. Improving working conditions for employees.
  4. Train employees to work safely.
  5. Run occupational safety and health monitoring.
  6. Run employees, contractors and suppliers the risk of accident prevention.
  7. Collaborate with occupational safety and health authorities responsible for monitoring.
  8. Allocate the necessary recourses to implement this policy.

AB LIFOSA the occupational safety and health policy is public and all interested persons may be acquainted with it.

Jonas Dastikas