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By the end of 1997, a part of the share capital was used to establish a joint venture with the Finnish fertilizer trust "Kemira OY" for superphosphate manufacturing purposes. Since August 2004, it has become an independent company.

In 1998, after renovation of the ammophos plant, AB "Lifosa" started producing more valuable fertilizer diammonium phosphate and built a modern 40 000 tonnage production warehouse.

In 2000, sulphuric acid plant was renovated and expanded, increasing the yield more than twice. The Company became the largest sulphuric acid producer in Europe. In the same year, the 25 MW turbo-generator started producing electricity utilizing the waste steam generated at the sulphuric acid plant. The generated energy is enough to power all the process plants at the Company. The process heat released at sulphuric acid plant is further beneficially utilized to heat the local and Kėdainiai city objects.

Since 2001, the Company started producing the feed phosphates:

  • dicalcium phosphate in 2001;
  • monocalcium phosphate in 2002;
  • mono-dicalcium phosphate in 2004.

In July 1999, AB "Lifosa" and international agricultural, food and industry trading company "Cargil Holdings Denmark Asp" signed the Agreement and "Cargil Holdings Denmark Asp" became the exclusive distributor of AB "Lifosa" phosphate products.

Since 2002, AB "Lifosa" has been incorporated into the Russian company "EuroChem", which holds the main portfolio of the shares and provides the Company with the basic raw materials.