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„Lifosa“ actively engages in the development of young talents in Lithuania


Hundreds of young Lithuanian talents meet at the beginning of each year do demonstrate their knowledge and creativity at various republican pupil Olympiads. The year 2018 is not an exception: this spring an entire pupil‘s Olympiad marathon has sprang in Lithuania, and the „Lifosa" company is actively involved in it for many years.

„Our company has recently celebrated the 55th anniversary of our activity. Although being a modern and dynamic country, „Lifosa", nevertheless, tends to look decades upfront and this is one of the important reasons, why we are consistently contributing to the organization of pupil‘s Olympiads. We care for the future of our country and talents from the most diverse fields are necessary for its creation. We believe that a lot of participants of current Olympiads will soon represent Lithuania with their works and achievements", - says Jonas Dastikas, AB "Lifosa" general director.

According to him, the company adheres to the social responsibility policy, according to which, it actively supports education, cultural and sports activities for children. This year "Lifosa" has helped to organize the republican Lithuanian language and literature, chemistry, Russian language (native and foreign), as well as mathematics, geography and history Olympiads.

Lithuanian language and literature Olympiad for local an foreign Lithuanian school 9-12 graders took place on March 9-10 in Kaunas. Olympiad participants were greeted by not only tasks, but also an especially rich cultural program. Pupils and students have visited Kaunas famous sites, have attended the concert of the joint choir of Kaunas school of sacred music "Cantores David", dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian state, after that, they have used the Zaliakalnis funicular to rise to the basilica terrace to admire the western Kaunas panorama. There were many elevated and joyful moments and the closing ceremony of the Olympiad. The participants were also congratulated by the Vytautas Magnus University Professor and Honorary citizen of Kaunas, Liudas Mazylis.

In less than two weeks after that, another AB "Lifosa" supported Olympiad has taken place in Vilnius. On the 22-24 of arch, the 56th Lithuanian pupil's chemistry Olympiad took place with an impressing 103 participants, solving theoretical and practical tasks. Participants who have defeated these tasks did not have time for boredom, since they were greeted to take part in a brain ring on the first day and to a game night with the interactive StrateGo game, as well as other board games, at the second.  The participants were congratulated and given prizes at the Olympiad closing ceremony by the evaluation commission chairman, Vilnius University Chemistry and geo-science faculty lecturer, Prof. Dr. Rimantas Raudonis and student of the same faculty Lukas Steinys, as well as a habilitated doctor, professor, adviser to the Minister of education and science - Euginius Butkus.

On the 12-14th of April, the Druskininkai "Ryto" gymnasium has hosted the 25th Lithuania pupil's Russian (native and foreign) language Olympiad, with 83 pupil participants. The jubilee Olympiad participants have solved test tasks, completed a written work, an oral task, and took part in an artistic reading competition. The participants of the Olympiad, gathered from different cities of Lithuania, have also had an entertainment program after they finished solving tasks. Teachers and pupils had time to walk or drive bicycles around Druskininkai and its surroundings, to visit the water park, admire the resort city from up high by rising over the city in a funicular. Olympiad participants were congratulated by the Druskininkai M.K. Ciurlionis arts school wind instrument orchestra performance, sincere gratitude and awards of winners.

By helping to implement the National Olympiads, organized by the Ministry of education, science, and Lithuanian pupil informal education center, for many years, AB "Lifosa" tries to help in creating conditions for the development and personal growth of young people.

56th Lithuanian pupils' Chemistry Olympiad participants, their teachers, organizers and guests at the closing ceremony.

The participants of the National Lithuanian language Olympiad were congratulated by the Professor of Vytautas Magnus University and honorary citizen of Kaunas town, Liudas Mazylis.

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