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Social Life

When talking about the works that have been performed and future guidelines of the Company that already exists for more than 40 years, the Company's managers highlight two main things, that is, the Company's positive influence on Kėdainiai district and the respect and good working conditions for the employees of the Company.

As the largest industrial company in the Kėdainiai district, AB "Lifosa" together with other companies have greatly contributed to the creation of the current image of Kėdainiai making it beautiful and comfortable city. In 2005-2009, AB "Lifosa" and the regional municipality signed the Social and Economic Partnership Agreements where AB "Lifosa" and its controlling company undertook to renovate the production processes, maintain high economical potential, implement the environmental programmes and support different projects of the regional municipality related to healthcare, children and youth sports clubs as well as the regional development programmes. Since 2010, such agreements have not been signed any more; however, the Company continues to support various projects of Kėdainiai Regional Municipality, closely cooperates with the local communities and provides financial support to the development of the region.

AB "Lifosa" management believes that the Company's success depends not only on the favourable global market situation, the latest technologies or other AB "Lifosa" performance indicators. Today, it is possible to state that the success of the Company, splendid financial results and the quality of the products are ensured by the well-motivated employees. According to the managers of the Company, the personnel policy is aimed at showing to employees their importance to the Company. The saying "to go hand in hand with the times" is usually rephrased by the managers of the Company into "the recognition of an employee as a personality and the Human Resources Management System should always be one step ahead of everything". The longevity of the Company and its further development as the business entity depends on the Company's ability to improve work atmosphere, grant optimal possibilities to express themselves in their material and spiritual life.

Almost a half-century experience and continuous responsibility to the nature, humanity and community granted to AB "Lifosa" the respectable title of a Socially Responsible Company.

In 2017.01.30 is approved AB „Lifosa“ politics of interests conflict where is indicated that AB “LIFOSA” conducts its business ensuring its Employees act in the best interests for the Company, avoiding any activity which may interfere with their duties or responsibilities to the Company. The Employees ought to safeguard the Company’s legitimate interests, properly performing their professional, contractual or statutory duties or responsibilities.

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