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Quality Policy

In June 2003, the Quality Management System that meets the ISO 9001:2000 Standard requirements was implemented at AB „Lifosa". The Certificate, AB „Lifosa" was awarded with on the 21st of August 2003, testifies that quality-wise company's activities are lead in accordance with the International Standard requirements. By modernizing the production processes at the plant, AB „Lifosa" aims at identifying potential difficulties in advance. The plant will never engage in changing technologies, which would result in the decreased quality of products.


Mission: Work well, flexibly respond to demands of market and all interested parties, to be a reliable partner and be proud of our company.
By improving manufacturing processes to produce of high quality and ecologically clean products.

AB LIFOSA MANAGEMENT, seeking to satisfy needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties, to ensure a stable and profitable activity of the Company and social provisions for workers, to make a positive impact on infrastructure of the Republic of Lithuania and Kedainiai district, RAISE FOR OURSELVES AND THE WHOLE AB LIFOSA PERSONEL THE FOLLOWING AIMS:

  1. To perfect the management system in order to improve its efficiency and effectiveness
  2. To remain a competitive company, to propagate the advantages of our products and strengthen our position in the global market.
  3. To respond flexibly to each customer's request, constantly monitor the production's demand changes.
  4. Constantly improve the quality of production.
  5. By perfecting the process technologies and implementing technical innovations to achieve a stable and efficient functioning of the plant.
  6. By improving the training processes to achieve employees competence improvement.

THE DEPARTMENTS' HEADS UNDERTAKE to provide the specific tasks that meet the company's quality management program ad to seek the fulfillment of these tasks.

EMPLOYEES seek their activities to comply the company's quality policy and to implement the tasks.

THE COMPANY'S MANAGEMENT guarantees the implementation of this policy and the provision of resources to achieve objectives listed in the quality policy and invites all employees to join forces on these objectives.

Jonas Dastikas