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Wet-process Phosphoric Acid

Wet-process phosphoric acid is derived by decomposing raw phosphates with sulphuric acid and filtering the obtained slurry. Wet-process phosphoric acid is used for production of diammonium phosphate and feed phosphates. Phosphoric acid is partly sold to enterprises active in chemical, leather processing, food and other industries.

Quality indicators of wet-process phosphoric acid

Indicator nameRate
Wet-process phosphoric acidDefluorinated and desulphurised wet-process phosphoric acid
Mass share, %, of wet-process phosphoric acid (H3PO4), recalculated into į P2O5, not higher than5252
Mass share, %, of sulphuric acid (H2SO4), not higher than2,50,2
Mass share, %, of water-insoluble sediment, no higher than50,5
Mass share, %, of fluorine (F)Non-ratedNot higher than 0.18
Mass share, mg/kg (ppm), of arsenic (As), not higher than-5
Mass share, mg/kg (ppm), of lead (Pb), not higher than-10
Mass share, mg/kg (ppm), of cadmium (Cd), not higher than-10
Mass share, mg/kg (ppm), of mercury (Hg), not higher than-0,1