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Mono-ammonium phosphate

Mono-ammonium phosphate, soluble crystalline (MAP) is produced from wet-process phosphoric acid, by neutralizing it with ammonia. It is a white crystalline, highly concentrated, soluble, chlorine-free, nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, containing no heavy metal. Mono-ammonium phosphate is used in agriculture for fertilization of a variety of soils and many cultures. It is suitable for foliar fertilization.

Quality indicators of mono-ammonium phosphate, soluble crystalline (MAP)

Indicator nameRate
N:P - 12:61
Mass share of nitrogen (N), %12
Mass share of common phosphates, recalculated into P2O5, %61
Mass share of water, %, not higher than0,2
Mass share of water-insoluble substances, %, not higher than
Hydrogen ion activity index, pH (1% solution)4,5
Solubility in water, at 20 °C, g/l380
Negative values tolerance of nutrients
(absolute value of mass percentage)
Nitrogen (N), %, not higher than1,1
Phosphates (P2O5), %, not higher than1,1
The total declared value of negative deviation, %, not higher than1,5