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AB "Lifosa" today

2017 06 20    Open door day in “Lifosa”

AB "Lifosa" invites the community members to the Open-door day for the sixth time already. On June 6 and 8 curious minds gathered not only from Kedainiai, but also from all over ... More

2017 06 12    AB “Lifosa” finished the 10th anniversary commemorative games

On June 3, 2017, the 10th inter-pant games of "Lifosa" were finalised. Total 12 competitions were played during the entire season that lasted 8 months. Employees competed in carting, ... More

2017 05 20    A work day with children

Over the last decade, Lifosa has made it a tradition to celebrate International Family Day by inviting its employees' children to visit the factory and see what their parents or ... More

2016 09 06    AB Lifosa celebrated the anniversary of EuroChem company together with Kedainiai people.

On August 19, the employees and guests of AB Lifosa gathered together in Kedainiai arena to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of EuroChem MCC. More

2016 04 11    Lifosa employees finished the fourth season of “Protų mūšis”

Several days before the gleeful Easter many employees of Lifosa had been anxiously looking forward the announcement of winners of the intellectual game "Protų mūšis", which was held ... More

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