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The environmental activities of AB "Lifosa" are run following the requirements of the environmental legislation and other normative documents currently valid in the Republic of Lithuania.
When planning its business activities, the Company constantly applies the best production technologies and most advanced environmental protection methods that allow reducing adverse effect on the environment.

Annually, around 30 % of the investment resources are used to implement new environmental projects, develop technologies and rationalize the use of natural resources.
Making investments into innovation and modernization of the technological processes, the management of AB "Lifosa" always focuses on environmental issues and efficiency improvement. In 2003, the environmental management system conforming to the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 was implemented in the Company. The Company adopted the Environmental Protection Policy and implements it in a fair manner.


Mission: The production of mineral fertilizers using high quality raw materials.

Vision: To achieve a high level of environmental protection using the best available techniques.

Motto: Let's save the environment for future generations.

AB LIFOSA MANAGEMENT takes responsibility for their products and their impact to the environment and, in order to reduce this impact, PLEDGES to:

  1. Improve the environmental protection management system.
  2. Introduce in their activities economically best available techniques, modern tools and environmentally friendly technologies to achieve pollution prevention improvement.
  3. Follow legal requirements and other commitments associated with the company's environmental aspects.
  4. Rationally and sparingly use raw materials, energy and natural resources.
  5. In order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, to collaborate with suppliers, contractors and all interested parties on environmental issues.
  6. Educate, train and encourage employees to work deliberately to protect the environment and to be responsible for their actions on the environment both at work and at home.

THE COMPANY MANAGEMENT guarantees the implementation of this policy and the provision of resources to achieve the policy objectives and invites all employees to focus all the efforts on its execution.

AB LIFOSA the environmental protection policy is available to all workers and the general public.

Jonas Dastikas 



AB "Lifosa" team achieved good results. In 2005-2010, the increasing production volumes did not result in the growth of comparative pollutant emissions (expressed in kg/t of mineral fertilizers). The absolute pollution level was stable as well (see the chart).

In June 2003, the Company implemented the environmental management system conforming to the requirements of ISO 14001:2004. In December 2005, during the ordinary external audit, DET NORSKE VERITAS auditors determined that AB "LIFOSA" complied with all the requirements of the latest edition of ISO 14001:2004 and a new certificate was issued to the Company.